The Competition will have two (2) stages:

a.  STAGE 1: Open Call for Participation

The first stage is a Call for Participation to all technically competent Firms, locally and internationally, to register their interest and participate in the Project.

Interested Participants are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) by filling-up the forms provided in the website detailing the company information, technical and professional capabilities, relevant experiences, and professional awards and citations, if any.

No design is required at this stage.

The deadline of submission is on 10 March 2017 at 17:00 (Philippine Standard Time) which will be done electronically at

The Competition is open to all qualified and registered Firms with the following minimum qualifications:

  • Multi-disciplinary Firm with expertise in Architecture Design and Landscape Architecture.
  • At least ten (10) years business operation in Architectural Design.
  • At least five (5) similar completed Projects.

Details of the minimum requirements are available for download at Expression of Interest page in

Submissions will be reviewed by a Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will review the qualifications of the Participants and come-up with a shortlist of five (5) qualified participants that will move to the next stage.

b.  STAGE 2: Preparation of the Conceptual Design

The five (5) shortlisted firms shall be provided with a comprehensive brief and information kit of the Project. Consultation meeting with the BCDA Management shall further be conducted.

Relative to this, each Shortlisted Firms shall be give a stipend of USD 30,000.00 which they may use in the preparation of their proposed design and the following materials for submission:

  • Board Presentation of the Design
  • Audio visual presentation of the Design (max. 5 min)
  • Executive Report of the Design containing the:
    • Summary
    • Discussion of the proposed design based on the following design criteria:
      • Identity/Uniqueness                       35%
      • Feasibility/Cost                                25%
      • Functionality/Usability                 20%
      • Sustainability                                    10%
      • Innovation                                          10%
    • Site Development Plan with scale and labels
    • Floor plans with dimensions
    • Interior Perspectives of the following: Atrium, Gallery, Retail
    • Cost Estimates
  • Scale Model of the BCDA Iconic Building (scale to be announced)

The shortlisted Firms will be required to present before the BCDA Board and an independent Jury. The independent Jury is composed of 3 external experts and 2 BCDA Officers which will rank the designs. The said ranking shall be submitted to the BCDA Board for final ranking and determination of the winning Conceptual Design.


 The Firm with the winning Design will have a chance to get the Detailed Architectural and Engineering Design of the Project, upon successful disposition and selection of BCDA’s Joint Venture Partner for the development of the BCDA Iconic Building. However, in case BCDA is not satisfied with the entries, it may declare failure of competition or resubmission of entries.