Submitted questions and/or concerns will not be answered individually. Instead, they will be posted here in the FAQ page.

9 March 2017

Q: The documents for the Expression of Interest forms should be sent through the indicated email (bcdaiconicbuilding@bcda.gov.ph)? Or will there be a page to upload the documents for submission?
A: The EOI must be emailed at bcdaiconicbuilding@bcda.gov.ph.

Q: Will there be a specific file size for all document submission?

A: A4 size.
Q: Should the CVs be signed?
A: It is not required.

Q: Can we add chapter separator for each category in addition to number of pages allotted to each category? If 10 pages are allotted for relevant experiences, Can we add a cover page to it so that it get separated from previous chapter?

A: Yes you may. The cover page/chapter separator will not be counted in the maximum number of pages.

Q: Can we put the proposed team structure for this competition as annexure?

A: Yes you may but me mindful of the page limitations.

Q: Is the 5 relevant projects all architectural or can be 1 landscape project?

A: Choose carefully what would best represent your company’s work.

8 March 2017

Q: Can we put the PRC licenses of our proposed team leader and landscape architect in the annex instead of including this under Technical and Professional Capabilities?

A: Yes you may but stick to the allotted maximum number of pages.

Q: We would like to know if it is possible to ask for an extension of the EOI submission?
A: There will be NO extension of the EOI submission deadline.

Q: For the PRC of our Landscape Architect, it will be expiring this month in for the submission of Expression of Interest. May we know what attachment we can use as substitute? Maybe an Official Receipt?

A: You may provide a document that shows that your Landscape Architect passed the Licensure Exam.

7 March 2017

Q: Should we summarize the information, CVs of our proposed team members in the required limit of five (5) pages? This will include attachments of licenses or any certifications?
A: As long as you stick with the maximum number of pages, you may format it as best to convey your Firm’s Technical and Professional Capabilities.
Q: Will the absence of AWARDS and CITATIONS be ground for disqualification or ineligibility to be short listed?
A: The Awards and Citations account for 20% of the Rating Criteria.

Q: Regarding the 5 built works: is it okay to tag it as ‘confidential’? Our clients require us to observe confidentiality when it comes to construction costs.

A: If you cannot divulge the construction cost, make sure to include the floor area of the project.

Q: Our firm has been in existence way back 2002 but underwent a name change in 2007. Our SEC papers are dated October 2007. Can we include both SECs as proof that we have been in operation for over 10 years?

A: Yes make sure to include documentation of the name change.

6 March 2017

Q: Our architecture firm is a year short of the minimum 10 years requirement. Can we partner with an landscape architecture firm (that meets the 10 years requirement) and the Team Leader (architect) will be from our firm?

A: The Team Leader must be from the Lead Company.

Q: If we’re planning to tie up with a foreign consultant, can we include their projects on the Relevant Experiences?

A: The five relevant projects must come from the Lead Company.

3 March 2017

Q: As a part of the eligibility criteria, we understand that the team leader should have designed a min of 5 Iconic Office Buildings. Just wanted to check if Projects under construction can also for a part of the submission or one is only considering Built Projects?

A: The Team Leader must have undertaken at least 10 architecture design projects. The Company must be in existence for at least 10 years. And as part of the EOI, show 5 relevant (and constructed) projects.

2 March 2017

Q: Can we request for a reconsideration for the 10 years requirements? As our company evolves and the current company was only establish last Dec. 2007. We are cited as one of the top architectural firms.

A: Unfortunately, we are strict with the minimum 10 years existence of the company.

Q: Can we add images for the 5 relevant projects as reference for the Selection Committee?

A: Yes that is allowed.

Q: Could you please confirm if the winning team will be awarded with the design contract for the project?

A: As was stated in the footnote of the Competition Mechanics: The Firm with the winning Design will have a chance to get the Detailed Architectural and Engineering Design of the Project, upon successful disposition and selection of BCDA’s Joint Venture Partner for the development of the BCDA Iconic Building. However, in case BCDA is not satisfied with the entries, it may declare failure of competition or resubmission of entries. 

Q: May we ask about the parcel of land on the east of the site. Is this area going to be a park, or it it going to be parcelled off and sold?

A: The land is PNOC property.

Q: Are we allowed to collaborate with another architect? For example there is going to be 2 team leaders in one group?

A: The Selection Committee will rate only one Team Leader.

1 March 2017

Q: May we know what is the maximum number for the team members?
A: There is no maximum number of team members. At the minimum, there must be a Team Leader and a Landscape Architect.
Q: Should all of the members include their CVs?
A: We are only requiring the CV’s of the Team Leader and Landscape Architect.
Q: There was a mention re a cost consultant and a structural engineer for the shortlisted teams–will they be included during the second stage? Or it’s best to include with the proposed team to be submitted in the Expression of Interest Forms?
A: The Shortlisted Firms must have a cost consultant and structural engineer in the team. However, for the Expression Of Interest, they are not yet required.

28 February 2017

Q: I’d like to re-confirm this is competition is open to foreign design consultant as well. On the website we didn’t find any inclusivity for local (Philippines) practice only.

A: The Competition is calling for participants from both local and international firms.

Q: Could we provide more than five (5) relevant projects as long as we follow the maximum of ten (10) pages?

A: The Selection Committee will only review the First Five (5) relevant examples.

Q: As your mechanics have stated, STAGE 1 does not require any design yet. Will a team be disqualified if they provided initial design intents or any design related data?

A: Initial Designs included in the EOI will not be reviewed by the Selection Committee.

Q: If a firm is a single proprietorship turned partnership (therefore also changing Company name) that has collectively practiced for at least 10 years, does this fulfill the minimum requirement for company status?

A: The Firm must have proof that it has existed for a minimum of 10 years.

24 February 2017

Q: To qualify as a Team Leader, it states that he/she must have undertaken at least ten (10) Architecture Design. Does this mean that he should be in practice for 10 years? or he should have done at least 10 architecture design projects?

A: It means that the Team Leader must have handled at least 10 architecture design projects.

23 February 2017

Q: Should the consultants be exclusive to my team? Or can they be consultants of other teams as well?

A: Consultants must be exclusive to the team.

Q: What necessary documents are required as supplement / proof of Company Status? Will the SEC Reg docs suffice?

A: The documents must show that the Company has been operating for a minimum of 10 years.

22 February 2017

Q: We would like to ask the following questions:
1. What is meant by “main areas of activities of business”? How is it different from “main services” and “nature of business”?
2. For “Principal Customer Industries and Geographies”, do we list down all the usual locations and types of our projects?
3. Should all the team members provide their CV? (or just the team leader and landscape architect?)

A: 1. Answer those as you see fit that would properly convey your Company and Business information. 2. Yes but be sure you stick to the maximum number of pages. 3. Prioritize the CVs of the Team Leader and the Landscape Architect. You may include the CVs of the other members as long as you stick to the maximum number of pages.

21 February 2017

Q: My company was formed in 2008, making it one year short of the competition’s required minimum 10 years in operation.  Are we then disqualified?  Before I formed my firm, I was 20 years principal at another company.

A: Unfortunately, part of the minimum requirement is that the company must be in operation for 10 years.

20 February 2017

Q: What is the award for the winning project?

A: Please refer to the footnote of the competition mechanics.

Q: Do we have to include relevant documents/ certificates under professional awards and citations received by the Company, Team Leader and/or Project that the Team Leader and/or Landscape Architect was involved in?

A: As the maximum number of pages for the annexes is only 10, prioritize it for Items I and IV.

Q: A question regarding Expression of Interest Form Item no.5 (Company Status): What are the necessary documents that you would require as supplement / proof?

A: Provide documents that show that the company has been operating as an Architectural Design Firm/Company for a minimum of 10 years.

Q: For the list of Relevant Experiences, is it okay to include an ongoing project that will be completed by April-May this year?

A: The project must have been completed upon launch of the competition: 15 February 2017.

Q: May we ask if the Landscape Architect that will be part of our team can join other firms as well? Can he/she join multiple firms?

A: The Landscape Architect must be exclusive to the team.

17 February 2017

Q: We would like to verify if the terminology of 5 relevant “completed” projects means “constructed” projects? Or can we include completed concept design/ on-going construction projects and the like?

A: The requirement to have at least five (5) completed projects referred to constructed projects. It is the same reason, interested participants are required to include the Construction Cost and Construction Duration of the Projects.

Q: Does relevant works simply pertain to BUILT AND COMPLETE works? Or can conceptual that may lead to built works count? Do unsolicited proposals be applicable to ‘relevant’ works?

A: The relevant work must have been constructed.

Q: The 10 years business operation is mandatory for the team leader? Or is there a chance that a startup firm act as team leader and partner up with an established firm?

A: The minimum requirement for Item I-Company Information is for the company to be in operation for at least 10 years. Thus an established firm should be the LEAD Company and get the startup firm as a consultant.

Q: Under professional citations and awards, if say for example our studio gets in as MEMBER under an established firm as TEAM LEADER, will our awards and citations count?

A: The Professional Awards and Citations must be received by either the (LEAD) Company, the Team Leader and/or a Project that either the Team Leader or Landscape Architect was involved in.

Q: May we inquire to whom should we address the Letter of Intent to?

A: Please address the Expression of Interest to: Chairman, International Conceptual Design Competition for the BCDA Iconic Building Project